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What to Do When the Divorce is Final? A "Divorceabration" Trip to the Islands of Tahiti, Of Course!


True Tahiti Vacation 

May 07, 2019, 08:38 ET

LOS ANGELES, May 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- No longer just for honeymooners or celebrities, the Islands of Tahiti are the ultimate place to celebrate the end of a marriage and the start of a new life.


Divorces are stressful, and anyone who has gone through one knows a getaway is the perfect way to honor the end of one chapter and celebrate the start of the next one. Whether it was "conscious uncoupling" or a "war of the roses," the Islands of Tahiti offer a beautiful backdrop, and many adventures to gain a new perspective on life.

Divorceabration in the Islands of Tahiti.

True Tahiti Vacation, focused exclusively on the Islands of Tahiti, recently launched a variety of "divorceabration," a combination of divorce and celebration, vacation getaways, offering experiences ranging from solitude and reflection or fun and adventure, including drift snorkeling to ziplining, yoga and massage.

Packages include five and seven night "divorceabration" adventures to the Tahitian islands of Moorea, Bora Bora, Taha'a and Tetiaroa. Packages start at $3986 per person and include international air from Los Angeles or San Francisco, as well as inter-island flights/transfers. Travelers can pick from packages including, "Living the Dream" and "Let Freedom Ring" and "New Adventures" and "Your Best Life."

"Celebrating a divorce takes on a new life as our guests look out at the turquoise lagoons and up at the velvet green mountains, leaving no doubt they have escaped divorce hell. It's an opportunity to sit back and toast with a best friend that you survived the divorce, acknowledge how beautiful life is and look forward to all that lies ahead," shares Laurel Samuela, owner and founder of True Tahiti Vacation.

"For our newly divorced solo travelers, we are in the process of organizing curated tours for those who may not have anyone to travel with and may be reluctant to travel alone. We will be working with a life coach to create an exciting workshop that will serve as a springboard for divorcees embarking on a new chapter in life," notes Samuela.

Located in the South Pacific, the Islands of Tahiti are just under an eight-hour flight from the U.S. and are in the same time zone as Hawaii. Surrounded by pristine, crystal clear blue waters, the 118 islands and atolls offer natural beauty, authentic island culture, and unique French Polynesian style. The Islands of Tahiti are world-renowned for their white-sand beaches, stunning turquoise lagoons and varied landscapes ranging from coral atolls to volcanic mountain peaks.

About True Tahiti Vacation and Founder Laurel Samuela

It was a six month scuba diving vacation in 2000 that brought Samuela to the Islands of Tahiti. During that time, she fell in love with Tahiti's many islands and atolls — and also a Tahitian.  Now, one marriage, two children and a divorce later, she still thinks there is nowhere on earth more beautiful or healing than the Islands of Tahiti.  For more information please visit or email or call 310 464 1490.

Laurel Samuela 

SOURCE True Tahiti Vacation

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