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The Pink Sand Island

Where is Tikehau located?

Tikehau is located 200 miles northeast of Tahiti. After flying to the main island of Tahiti, you’ll board Air Tahiti – the local inter-island airline, and 60 minutes laters you’ll arrive in paradise. In addition, there are several flights to Tikehau from Rangiroa. Tikehau is 17 miles long and 12 miles wide. It’s comprised of two major islets and a multitude of smaller islets (motus). Famed for her pink sand beaches, Tikehau is the quintessential paradise.


Introduction to Tikehau


Tikehau means, "peaceful landing," and this is exactly what you'll experience when you arrive in this sleepy paradise.


Considered one of the most beautiful atolls in Polynesia. Tikehau is blessed with beautiful pink sand beaches.  The air in Tikehau is filled with the fragrance of fruit trees and flowers. Because the population is just 400, it is said the fish outnumber people here by one-billion-to-one. In fact Jacques Cousteau said the lagoon here has a higher concentration of fish, than in any other part of the South Pacific.

Jacques Cousteau called Tikehau the most fish-abundant atoll in all of the Tuamotus



What to do in Tikehau



Because your time in Tikehau will be centered around the lagoon, you need to get out there and explore! Furthermore, all you need do is step outside your bungalow to enjoy incredible snorkeling. Better yet, grab a paddle board, kayak or outrigger canoe and see where you end up!  Bring your board and go surfing. Or head over to Tuheiava Pass and enjoy some fantastic scuba diving. Why not have a picnic on one of the beautiful pink sand motus (islets)?  And please, be sure to visit Bird Island where you’ll get up close to the many sea birds who have chosen this area as their nesting ground.  In conclusion, no matter how you choose to enjoy Tikehau, make sure you find your own special way to enjoy all she has to offer!

Map of Tikehau

Tikehau Hotels



While Tikehau has a handful of small family run guesthouses, you’ll only find two hotels here. The first being, the Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort & Spa. Located on the southeast edge of the atoll, the Pearl has a nice selection of beach and overwater bungalows and is home base to the scuba diving center – TopDive. The other resort is a small eco-lodge known as Ninamu Resort. With only 6 bungalows, the Australian owners have created the ideal setting water sports lovers, looking for seclusion, relaxation.

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