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Weather in Tahiti

Tahiti, a Year-Round Destination

Tahiti weather is a great year round. We enjoy a warm, tropical climate and are blessed with lots of sun and enough rain to keep the waterfalls flowing and the flowers blooming.


Cyclones and Hurricanes?

French Polynesia is well outside the South Pacific cyclone pattern, so there is no cyclone or hurricane season as is found in the Caribbean.

Tahiti's Warm Waters

The water temperature in The Islands of Tahiti remains fairly constant. It averages 79°F in the winter season (southern hemisphere) and 84°F during the summer. From the ocean surface to 166′ below there is only a one-half degree difference in temperature.

The Seasons of French Polynesia

Many people will refer to The Islands of Tahiti as having two seasons – wet and dry. Having lived here since 2000, I would have to disagree. I prefer to call the months of November-March the “humid season.” The storms we get here are tropical. They arrive and disappear quickly. In fact, often times it will be raining on one part of the island, while just down the road it is perfectly sunny. Rarely does the rain put a damper on one’s vacation. In fact, most people are back out in the lagoon or lounging on the beach within minutes of a downpour beginning.

Weather in Tahiti vs. Hawaii

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