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Map of Tahiti - Where is Tahiti

Where is Tahiti?


Tahiti on the Map

Tahiti, or French Polynesia - also known as The Islands of Tahiti - is located in the south Pacific Ocean, on the same side of the International Date Line as North America. The country consists of five archipelagos made up of 118 islands in the Southern Hemisphere. These five archipelagoes include, Society Islands, Tuamotu Islands, Gambier Islands, Marquesas Islands and Austral Islands.


The Islands of Tahiti are about the same distance south of the Equator as Hawaii is north of it, halfway between California and Australia. This overseas territory of France lies between Latitudes 7° and 27° S and Longitudes 134° and 155° W. French Polynesia's total land surface area roughly equates to the size of the state of Rhode Island, spread across 5.2 million sq. km (2 million sq. mi.) of the Pacific Ocean. That's about the same size as Western Europe, yet the population consists of only 282,534 (2021) people.

It’s largest island, Tahiti, is part of the Society Islands group and measures 403 square miles. Everyone who visits French Polynesia will visit Tahiti - as the entry point into the country is Fa'a'ā International Airport, located in the country’s capital city of Papeete. The distance between Papeete and Los Angeles, CA in the United States is 4,117 miles.

updated December 24, 2022

Tahiti Map - where is Tahiti

Map of Tahiti

Where is Tahiti: The 5 Island Groups

Topographically speaking, these islands boast a wide variety, from inactive volcanoes to low-lying coral reef atolls and everything in between. In total, these palm-fringed islands and atolls possess more than 2,500 kilometers of picture-perfect coastline. Yet, out of the 118 Islands of Tahiti, only 65 of them are inhabited, with the vast majority of citizens living along the coast. A whopping 70 percent of French Polynesia's population lives on the island of Tahiti, and half of that population - 25,763 people (2012) - lives in the country's vibrant capital city of Papeete. 


As seen in the Tahiti map above, the five island groups, or archipelagos, of Tahiti include: 


  • Society Islands (where Tahiti and Bora-Bora are located)

  • Tuamotu Islands

  • Gambier Islands

  • Marquesas Islands

  • Austral Islands

Society Islands

The most widely-travelled archipelagos is the Society Islands, which is also home to the largest island – Tahiti – the capital city of Papeete, and its sister island of Moorea. Comprised of the Windward and Leeward Islands, the enchanting Society Islands offer paradise to all who are fortunate enough to visit them. 


Tuamotu Islands

To the east of the Soviety Islands, 77 atolls spread across 930 miles (1,497 km) of glistening South Pacific waters to create The Tuamotu Islands. Together, this spectacular island group forms the largest chain of atolls in the world. The beauty of its lagoons, unique wildlife and pink and white sand beaches make the Tuamotus a special group of islands.

Gambier Islands

At the end of the Tuamotu Islands, almost 1,000 miles southeast of Tahiti lies the Gambier Islands. Of the five, this archipelago is the the least populous and most remote in all of the Islands of Tahiti. of French Polynesia. Only 1,000 inhabitants across these 14 islands make their home here, with many living on the largest island of Mangareva.

Marquesas Islands

Called by locals, “The Land of Men,” or “Te Henua ‘Enana,” the dramatic and lush Marquesas Islands are filled with enormous green cliffs, stunning volcanic peaks and incredible beaches. About 932 miles (1,500km) northeast of the island of Tahiti, about 3 hrs by plane, those who venture to the Marquesas are surely granted memories to last lifetime.

Austral Islands

On the Tropic of Capricorn and south of the Society Islands lies the Austral Islands. This archipelago makes up the southernmost boundary of French Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean. With a slightly cooler climate than its counterparts, the abundance of nature and wildlife in these islands make them feel other worldly. 

Here, you can experience once-in-a-lifetime whale watching, archaeological relics and more.

Time Zone Location: Tahiti Time (TAHT)

While seemingly located world’s away, the majority of the Islands of Tahiti are actually in the same time zone as Hawaii. Tahiti Time (TAHT) is 10 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) - (GMT-10), which is 2 hours behind Pacific Standard Time or 3 hours behind during Daylight Savings Time. French Polynesia does not recognize Daylight Savings Time.

Tahiti Flights

It's easy to fly to The Islands of Tahiti from the United States. The following airlines fly nonstop to Tahiti from the US mainland, including:

  • Air Tahiti Nui - nonstop 9 to 12x per week from Los Angeles

  • Air Tahiti Nui - nonstop 2x week from Seattle 

  • United Airlines - nonstop 5x week from San Francisco 

  • Frenchbee - nonstop 3x week from San Francisco

  • Air France - nonstop 5x week from Los Angeles

  • Delta Airlines - nonstop 3x week from Los Angeles

Flying to Tahiti from the United States:

- Honolulu to Tahiti: 5 hr, 45 min

- Los Angeles to Tahiti: 8 hr, 20 min

- San Francisco to Tahiti: 8 hr, 40 min

- Seattle to Tahiti: 9 hr, 35 min

How far away is Tahiti from...

Distance from Tahiti to Australia - 7,885 km
Distance from Tahiti to Japan - 9,655 km
Distance from Tahiti to France - 15,895 km

Distance from Tahiti to Vancouver, Canada - 4,892 km

Distance from Tahiti to Toronto, Canada - 9,836 km
Distance from Tahiti to India - 14,930 km
Distance from Tahiti to South Korea - 10,519 km

Distance from Tahiti to New York City, United States - 10,103 km

Distance from Tahiti to Los Angeles, United States - 6,626 km
Distance from Tahiti to New Zealand - 4,268 km
Distance from Tahiti to Hawaii - 2,628 km
Distance from Tahiti to Samoa - 2,243 km
Distance from Tahiti to South Africa - 14,583 km
Distance from Tahiti to Chile - 7,797 km
Distance from Tahiti to Singapore - 11,820 km

Distance from Tahiti to Easter Island - 4,231 km


Google Map of Tahiti

Use this interactive Google Map to explore the Islands of Tahiti

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