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The Infinite Lagoon

Where is Rangiroa located?

Just 55 minutes by plane from Tahiti, you will be in awe as you look down on this atoll from the air. The lagoon of Rangiroa is the largest in the Southern hemisphere and could enclose the entire island of Tahiti.


Introduction to Rangiroa


Rangiroa means, "long sky" and from the air, you'll see that this huge atoll is appropriately named.


Considered the 2nd largest atoll in the world, Rangiroa looks like a giant pearl necklace placed upon the water. Here, you’ll find 240 tiny islets (motus), each no more than 3 feet in elevation, stretching out over 110 miles and encircling an immense lagoon.

Must see - The Blue Lagoon - a natural pool that was formed by a string of islets on the edge of Rangiroa's main reef - it is a lagoon within a lagoon.



What to do in Rangiroa



World renowned for the abundance of sea life that scuba divers encounter through its fast paced drift dives, Rangiroa is more than just a diver’s paradise. Here even non-divers will find the scenary extraordinary and the setting perfect for relaxation. A must do for you non-divers is a snorkeling excursion thru the Tiputa pass. We also recommend a trip to the Blue Lagoon. It is a lagoon within the lagoon and breathtaking in it’s beauty. It is about an hour boat ride from the hotels. Late afternoon is the perfect time to hop on a bike and ride over to Ohutu Point overlooking Tiputa Pass where you are likely to see dolphins frolicking about. To get a taste of village life, stop by the small villages of Tiputa and Avatoru, each with a population of approximately 700. Both villages are beside a navigable pass.

Map of Rangiroa

Rangiroa Hotels



The two main resorts in Rangiroa are located near the Tiputa Pass — the Kia Ora Resort & Spa and the Hotel Maitai Rangiroa. At the Maitai, you’ll find both Garden Bungalows and Beach Front Buganlows. At the Kia Ora, you’ll find a varied range of accommodations. From the more modest Beach Bungalows to the large Villas with Pools and of course, the famed Overwater Bungalows. 

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