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The Vanilla Island

Where is Taha'a located?

After flying to the main island of Tahiti, you’ll board Air Tahiti — the local inter-island airline, and 40 minutes later you’ll arrive in paradise.  Since Tahaa has no airport, you’ll fly into Raiatea.  You’ll then hop on a boat and head to your hotel which is likely located on one of the motus (islets along the coral reef). The main island of Tahaa is 35 square miles.

Because the islands of Tahaa and Raiatea share a lagoon, they are considered twin islands. They are separated by a narrow channel 1.8 miles wide. Situated between the islands of Huahine and Bora Bora, you’e likely to enjoy wonderful views while staying on Tahaa.


Introduction to Taha'a


Shaped like a flower, Taha'a has gentle mountain peaks and a pristine lagoon. Because of her beautiful beaches and secluded appeal, you'll find Taha'a will instantly engage your senses. 


While her lagoon is alive with coral gardens, her valley is alive with gardens of coconut, watermelon and banana. Of course, most noteworthy are the vanilla plantations. Because Tahaa produces nearly 80% of French Polynesia’s vanilla, she has become known as the Vanilla Island. As a result, if you happen to visit during harvest, you’ll enjoy the scent of vanilla throughout the island. No matter when you visit Tahaa, you’re certain to experience the slow and tranquil life of Polynesia.

Tahitian vanilla is renown worldwide for its delecatable and unique flavor, and more than 70% of vanilla in French Polynesia comes from Taha'a. 



What to do in Taha'a



While Tahaa is the ideal place to relax in complete seclusion, there are still a variety of things to do during your stay on the island. In general, your time spent on The Islands of Tahiti, will be centered around the lagoon. Consequently, we encourage you to grab a paddle board or kayak and see what awaits you!

Home to a wide variety of fish, Tahaa provides excellent scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities — attracting schools of eel, perch, triggerfish, red snapper, silver jacks, tuna, red runners as well as an assortment of sharks (all very friendly of course)!  Consequently, snorkeling is a very popular pastime in Tahaa.  In fact there is a wonderful drift snorkel you can do between the Motu Maharaja and Motu Tautau. Here as the current gently carries you through the lagoon, you’ll see schools of brightly colored fish. In addition, we encourage you to explore the lagoon by modern jet ski or ancient outrigger canoe.

Because of the almost non-existent island traffic, cyclists will find Tahaa to be the perfect environment for cycling. Furthermore, we ask that you not ignore the interior of Tahaa. Explore the mountains by ATV or take a 4×4 into the interior, just be sure to enjoy stunning her stunning views. Finally, we encourage you to visit a vanilla plantation to learn why Tahitian Vanilla is unique in the world. In conclusion, no matter how you choose to enjoy Tahaa, we’re certain you’ll leave with memories that last a lifetime.

Map of Taha'a

Taha'a Hotels



In spite of the fact that Taha'a is considered a rather sleepy island, you will still find a sophisticated level of accommodation on the island. At the present time, there are two primary resorts and both are located on their own private islands. There is the 5-Star Le Tahaa Island Resort which is part of the prestigious Relais & Châteaux group. There is also the enchanting 4-Star Vahine Island. As a result, you’ll find your desires in Tahaa will be easily catered to. Furthermore, there are a handful of charming, family run properties for you to enjoy. In conclusion, you’ll find a nice selection of accommodations to satisfy every budget on Tahaa.

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