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Tahiti Guide: ​What to Pack for a Trip to Tahiti

Tahiti Guide:
What to Pack for a Trip to Tahiti


The Islands of Tahiti are an extremely casual place. You will find yourself in bathing suits, t-shirts, shorts and/or sundresses. Cotton and linen are perfect tropical fabrics. The local pareo is ideal to wear day or night.  Sandals and flip-flops are the norm here. Most men wear shorts and a polo shirt at night. For women -- sundresses and resort wear are appropriate evening wear.

Sunshine & Rain

Be sure to pack reef shoes for walking on coral and a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen to shield you from the tropical sun. Also bring some insect repellant, as the mosquitoes seem to know exactly who the tourists are! You may want to bring a light plastic raincoat or a windbreaker for the occasional tropical downpour.



Humans are not the only ones who love paradise! We do have mosquitos. Most all of the large resorts spray daily for mosquitos, but the smaller pensions do not. They will however provide a mosquito coil and or net for your bed. Be sure to bring some mosquito repellant AND sunscreen.

Electrical Equipment

Electric voltage in The Islands of Tahiti is 220v. Most of the major resorts have 110v outlets for electric razors. You will typically need an adapter for other appliances. We use the same plugs as in France wiht two round prongs.

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