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Health and Safety in Tahiti


Tahiti has an excellent health system with outstanding doctors, dentists and pharmacies. There are private clinics and a large hospital on the main island of Tahiti, while the outer islands have hospitals, dispensaries and/or private practitioners. Scuba divers will be happy to know there is a decompression chamber on Tahiti.


Drinking Water

Although tap water in hotels and restaurants is generally safe to drink, we recommend buying some bottled water. You will find it to be much cheaper outside of the hotels at any of the local markets.


Coral Cuts  & Infections

Should you encounter any coral cuts, blisters etc, the best way to prevent an infection from forming is to apply fresh lime juice to the cut.


Personal Safety, Theft & Terrorism

Tahiti is very safe by any standard and violent crime is a rarity. Theft does happen occasionally, but you need not be concerned. Just don't be careless (all hotels have room safes). It is safe to walk anywhere at any time. As far as "terrorism" is concerned, this is probably the safest country you can visit. Low population, zero immigration policy and strict border control (only 1 point of entry) make these islands a haven of peace and safety. There is also a very pro-American sentiment at all levels of the population.

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