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Dear Laurel -

I don't know where to begin. We're back in the USA (sadly) and can't stop reminiscing about the last two weeks. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING was planned out perfectly and lived up to and in most cases exceeded our expectations. Every step of the way we were taken care of. It seemed that people just materialized at the exact minute we needed something and it was done. Le Tahaa was fantastic. We had the very end beach bungalow (but you probably already know that) and it was like our own private island. The dipping pool, the Pacific Ocean in your backyard, the 30 foot walk to watch the sunset over Bora Bora, the outdoor shower (Mag says I can't build one here). Unbelievable. The half day 4x4 tour was fantastic. Our guide stopped multiple times. You could tell she was very proud of her island and wanted to share its' treasures. We were with one other American couple and we both remarked what a great job she did. We did the "Milky Way" dinner on our back deck and it was perfect. The weather cooperated and the food was magnificent. We didn't want it to end. We ate at Ohiri at Le Tahaa and it was also delicious and highly recommended. I had more than my share of Hinano beer the last few weeks. The fire dance at Le Tahaa was also topnotch. I think the resort was only about half full (bad for them, awesome for us) so we were well taken care of. The snorkeling there was something special. We've snorkeled in Key West and the Caribbean and it doesn't even come close. We bought our black pearls at LeTahaa resort. It felt like a pretty good deal (especially compared to St. Regis!)

Then it was off to Bora Bora. St Regis was everything we could have dreamed of. Talk about first rate service! We didn't lift a finger the whole time we were there. And the Overwater Bungalow!! WOW! We were in 101 (you probably know that as well!) and it was perfect. Mt. Otemanu at the foot of our bed every morning. No need to hijack bikes to get to our bungalow. Great access to the beach and pool. We did the "Lover's Massage" at the Spa and it was well worth it. You weren't kidding about the best seat in the house at La Villa Mahana. That was spectacular. We felt like royalty. We got transportation with another couple and they shuttled them into the main room while we ascended to our perch. Just spectacular. And the food..... bliss. We closed out the week with a private Keishi Motu picnic. He was an older islander who really knew his history and his way around a BBQ. It was a spectacular weather day and he was top notch. The way he interacted with the Rays was amazing.

I don't know what else to say but thank you. It's a pricey vacation but that was expected and what you delivered made me feel like it was well worth it. Feel free to use this as a reference. or let me know where I can provide a reference. I'll be telling my friends about you.

Best Regards,
Fritz & Maggie


Hello Laurel,

I will be honest and say that when I first found out that the Thalasso's air conditioner was down I was devastated to say the least but threw caution to the wind and decided that we would head to the The Brando. We have never been so excited that we did!!!!!!!!!!!

The Brando is an experience and we can easily say was one of the best experiences that we have ever had.  We loved every moment, our villa was beyond amazing with the space, the location on the sunset side of the island, the private pool, the feeling of that no one was around, having meals delivered right to our deck, the level of service and feeling like little elves must be living in the walls as our villa was always taken care of with treats left and immaculate!= The level of service was impeccable.  We never were in a place of wanting anything that they did not think of.  Boris was especially fantastic as the concierge but in truth, they were all spectacular!

The activities that we engaged in were also amazing.  We went on the ultimate tour in the morning where we visited the bird island, the billionaire's swimming pool, rubbed mineral rich mud on us and saw large sea life that were amazing.  We also went on the scuba trip and were able to swim through towns of coral and saw sea life that I have never seen before!  We were able to go on the green tour where we learned so much about Marlon Brando, his vision and what they have been able to help come to fruition!  There were almost no mosquitoes there due to a project where they are eradicating the females!

I can not thank you enough for all your guidance, patience and hard work.  Everything went seamlessly and I can only hope that one day I will be able to go back!

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

Nicole & Roxann

I have always wanted to go to Tahiti so I decided it would be great to plan a family trip around my birthday. I looked at other agencies like Costco Travel, and AAA but all the representatives I spoke with never have been to Tahiti and couldn’t answer many of my questions. A friend of mine recommended True Tahiti Vacation to me – So I started working with Laurel from True Tahiti Vacation about a year before we wanted to go. She answered all my questions, recommended restaurants, activities etc. and she provided me with various options including islands, hotels, room types etc. -– we explored many, many options, we ended up selecting a four-night visit to Moorea and a five-night visit to Bora Bora – I went back and forth on the hotels, types of rooms etc. I must have emailed her and called her 50 times. She was very professional and gave us many options to pick from. After much back and forth we stayed at the Hilton on Moorea and had a bunglow with a private plunge pool – the hotel was beautiful, staff was accommodating – the 4x4 excursion was great – we learned about the island – toured a plantation, drove up a mountain and saw amazing views, stopped at a local brewery for a tasting of wines made with pineapples and other tropical fruit. We ended our stay in Moorea with a great dinner at the Moorea beach café and left the next morning for Bora Bora – We arrived in Bora Bora and were meet by the St Regis hotel representative and transferred by boat to the hotel. We chose an overwater Villa with a private plunge jet pool with another deck that lead to the ocean water – AMAZING – Laurel was truly amazing handling all my questions, getting quotes, she called when we arrived in Moorea to see how things were going and also checked-in with us when we arrived in Bora Bora – We had a total of 6 people go on this trip and everything went smoothly – people greeted us when we arrived, our transportation was there and waiting, both hotels had the rooms ready and set-up for our arrival, dinner reservations were made – the entire trip was perfect. My only regret was that we didn’t stay longer.

If you’re going to Tahiti I highly recommend True Tahiti Vacation.

Redwood City, California

Hi Laurel,
I'm sorry that I haven't written to you sooner. It has been approximately 4 months since we arrived back home from our trip to paradise, and we are still constantly talking about it, looking at the pictures we took (over 1600) and thinking about how wonderful it would be to go back again someday! I definitely want to thank you for helping us to organize this trip of a lifetime, this awe inspiring, life changing adventure that the French Polynesian Islands are! Manava Resort in Tahiti was a great choice for our overnight stay in Tahiti, before we travelled on to Moorea. We had a very large room with a beautiful ocean view of Moorea! We didn't stay long enough to give it its fair due.

We loved Moorea and had a great time at The Sofitel Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort, it was the perfect choice! I think the biggest mistake we made on our vacation was not staying in Moorea longer. The overwater bungalow was outstanding, my wife cried with happiness when we were shown our room. From check in to departure, everything was top notch, food, service and the entertainment! We couldn't have asked for more! But the best for me, as an avid snorkeling enthusiast was the coral reef right out front of our room, that was teeming with marine life! Right beside our bungalow was an anemone complete with a couple of clownfish, our own veritable Nemo & Marlin! We rented bicycles on site and spent a pleasant afternoon touring about. We also went on an ATV tour that we booked through the resort. The tour was a lot of fun, quite exhilarating and the views from Belvedere lookout and especially Magic Mountain were fantastic!

The Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort was great! We had a beautiful view of Mt. Otemanu both from our front deck and from our bed! We were there for my wife’s 50th birthday, so on the morning of her big day I had our breakfast delivered to our bungalow by Tahitian Canoe! The look on her face when they came paddling up to our deck, was priceless! That evening, upon your recommendation, we dined at La Villa Mahana. I can't say enough about the experience, our meal was excellent, the wine was top notch and the service was impeccable! Chef Damien outdid himself on each course! I would say that this was one of the best meals I have ever had, if not the best!! Damien and his staff made my wife's 50th birthday dinner a night to remember! Thank You again Laurel for suggesting La Villa Mahana and also for making our reservation as well! It couldn't have been more perfect! We went on 2 tours that we booked through the resort, the jet ski tour and the shark and ray feeding tour. Jet skiing with our guide Joe was a blast, we circled the whole island and on one of our pit stops he showed us how to open a coconut with a wooden stake. The shark and ray tour was with Shark Boy tours, our guide Rusto and cameraman Vincent were both very upbeat and entertaining guys! We got to pet stingrays, snorkel through the coral gardens and swim with black tip reef sharks, that ranged from 3 to 6 feet long and a huge lemon shark that was in the 12 foot range! What an exciting day, that was! I have snorkeled with a variety of marine life, from hawksbill and leatherback turtles, dolphins, moray eels to many different species of fish, some larger than myself but swimming with the sharks of Bora Bora somehow was different. Yes, it was awe inspiring to say the least. I thought I would be scared, but I wasn't, I was too in the moment for that, even though at one point I was surrounded by seven 5 to 6 foot reef sharks and the lemon shark only 20 feet below me. It was a euphoric feeling that's hard to describe! It has given me a whole different perspective on sharks and their plight!
I found you, Laurel and True Tahiti Vacations through Trip Advisor. We thought it was a perfect idea to book our trip to paradise through someone who lived there. After all, who would know the islands better, but a resident. We also loved your back story, how you travelled to French Polynesia for a dive trip and fell in love with both the islands and your husband! I have already written rave reviews on Trip Advisor for The Sofitel Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort, The Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort, La Villa Mahana and Shark Boy Tours! My Wife, Michelle and I would like to Thank You again, Laurel, for all your help in making our trip to paradise and my wife's 50th birthday, perfect in so many ways!!

Dale & Michelle
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Hi Laurel!!

We've been back from our honeymoon for almost a month now and we already want to return to Tahiti and her beautiful islands! We absolutely LOVED the people and their warm spirit! Oh and the food! We ate dinner at a different restaurant every night in Moorea, Les Tipaniers, Allo Pizza, Mohagany and Rudy's to name a few.

Thank you so much for helping us experience the honeymoon of our dreams! We appreciate all that you have done for us and have already referred one of our friends to you so be on the lookout 🙂

Doug & Drea
San Diego, California

Hi Laurel,

You just popped up in my email address book and I thought I’d drop you a line! How have you been? I am sure you are as busy as ever with wedding season upon us. I wish you continued success with your travel agency business. We could not recommend you more highly and would be happy to write a positive review for your website and/or Tripadvisor! Jeremy and I have been home from Tahiti for one month now and haven't stopped talking about our time there. I posted a review of the Bora Bora Pearl on Tripadvisor but wasn't able to add photos for some reason. And I would like to share more photos with you. It really was an incredibly special vacation!!! Well, I just wanted to say "hi." I hope all is well with you and your beautiful family in Moorea!

Love, Laura Lee & Jeremy
Laguna Beach, California


Thank you for helping us book our dream honeymoon in Bora Bora. We had an amazing time and we appreciate everything you did to make our trip enjoyable. Our overwater bungalow at the Pearl Beach Resort was exquisite and the view was breathtaking. We are also happy we took your advice and visited La Villa Mahana. The food was delicious and it was fun to sign their guest book! It was definitely the best meal we had in Bora Bora! We also loved Bloody Mary's--their frozen strawberry margarita was delicious!

We also loved the hotel in Tahiti on our last night. We adored seeing our names on the bed--it felt like a true honeymoon! 🙂We also loved the view and the hotel's pool. We met a very cool couple and talked until sunset. Thank you again for making the trip enjoyable and stress-free. The transfers were easy and each person greeted us with our documents and made our names visible on a board. We also loved the Tahitian leis that we received when we arrived in Tahiti and Bora Bora and the wonderful necklaces we received when we left the Pearl Beach Resort. I could go on and on but I just couldn't rest without telling you how much we loved our honeymoon and appreciate your willingness to perfect even the smallest details. It made a difference and we will remember this experience forever.


Nathaniel and Ashley
Brooklyn, New York

Hi Laurel:

Ia Orana! Happy Friday!
I want to thank you for planning and booking the trip. I truly enjoyed it. Everything was just wonderful!
Loved Tevahine Dream on Rangiroa and thank you again for the Jeep Tour with Vavau on Bora Bora.
I miss Tahiti and Her Islands already and sure feel like booking another trip right now to go back.
Can't thank you enough. Until next time...

Leah & Roberto


Andrew and I just came back from the most amazing honeymoon, thanks to you. Bora Bora is the most beautiful place I have ever seen and the Four Seasons was outstanding. Our bungalow was nothing sort of 5 stars. The service at the hotel is something I never knew existed. We loved everything. There is literally nothing we didn't like. our excursions (shark/ray swimming, snorkeling, private phot safari) were so much fun and the food everywhere we went was delicious. Our dinner at Villa Mahana was our favorite, but I think this is obvious. We are sure you had something to do with us being able to eat at the private table on top of the restaurant and we want to thank you for that. The experience here was incredible. We also dined at Bloody Mary's (good food and drinks, fun to see) and Mai Kai, which we also loved. We cannot thank you enough for organizing a trip of a lifetime. I hope one day we find ourselves back on that beautiful Motu. Everything was perfect and I could have have imagined a more memorable honeymoon.

Thank you for EVERYTHING. You went above and beyond all our expectations.

Kristen and Andrew
Hilton Head Island, SC

Ia Orana Laurel,

Hopefully all is well with you. Tamara and I would like to extend our most sincere thank you to you for assisting us with planning the most spectacular vacation we have been on to date. From the time we arrived in Papeete (we now know how to pronounce it correctly), everyone we encountered was extremely nice and extremely helpful. All coordinated transportation was awaiting us upon arrival at each location and went very smooth. Our stay in Moorea was wonderful. Once we arrived, we were greeted by a very friendly young lady that provided us with information about the resort facilities and services. The staff at the Sofitel was top notch, especially Mr. Jean Michelle. He serviced us at both restaurants during our stay and each time was a wonderful experience The resort met all of our expectations and we were very, very pleased with the amenities. The facilities were very well maintained and very accommodating. We had a wonderful view from our Bungalow and had easy access to the lagoon. While there we took a taxi into the town, walked around a bit and did some shopping for snacks and drinks at Maharepa Supermarket. Before heading back to the resort, we stopped for lunch at Moz Cafe and the food was spectacular. It was very fresh, packed with flavor, and the staff was very friendly and helpful.

Our stay in Bora Bora was REMARKABLE! The boat ride from the airport to the resort was a definite plus. Once we arrived at the resort we were greeted by the very courteous and professional reception staff. They did an excellent job of getting us checked in and orienting us with resort facilities. The ENTIRE staff at the Pearl Beach were top notch. They were all eager to assist us and provided us with the best service we have ever experienced. The facilities were also very well maintained. The over water bungalow exceeded all of our expectations, of course the view was beyond spectacular but the decor and ambiance of the bungalow was also very nice. The access to the lagoon from our deck was great, we had a chance do some snorkeling and encounter some of the beautiful aquatic life of the island. Each time we visited a facility we were greeted with a smile and by name, that really made us feel like our happiness was a top priority.

While there we had a chance to visit VaiTape and do some shopping and partake in some very good cuisine. We had lunch at the Aloe Cafe and they had the best Poisson Cru we ate while on vacation. We also had a chance to do some shopping at Chin Lee's Supermarket. One of the biggest highlights of our trip was when we had a chance to have a conversation with a local young man and he explained to us the history of Tahiti going back to when the Kings of the five Motus went to battle against the two kings of Tahiti and how Bora Bora sat in the middle of a volcano. He gave us the meaning of a tattoo he had and told us about the the flower that could only be found on the mountains of Bora Bora; we found it very interesting. He also showed us some of the local fruit trees. He stood there and conversed with us until the bus arrived to take us back to our shuttle boat.

As you can see we had a MARVELOUS time while there. Again, we thank you for assisting us in planning this wonderful experience. I assure you, this will not be our last visit to your beautiful island.


Terrance and Tamara
Sierra Vista, Arizona

Hi Laurel

I wanted to let you know that our trip was terrific! Everything went really well and we had a fabulous time. The weather was great, the beaches, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing and relaxing were are perfect. We enjoyed our resorts. The Pearl in Tikehau was very remote and perfect for us - we could walk, swim or kayak to other motus for further privacy – we felt with the 37 units we had so much privacy which was perfect. We stayed in unit 23 on the beach and had the best beach unit with the nicest spot of beach with the sun setting right in front of our unit every night. Here we had amazing snorkeling with black tip reef sharks, sting rays and toured bird island as well - this included a swim with a beautiful and large Manta Ray and motu picnic where they cooked us fresh fish on the open fire and coconut & vanilla rice. Ian caught a couple of small sharks (they bit through his line) and a couple other small lagoon fishes – all of which he released. We celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary here.


On to Moorea for our overwater bungalow. Here we kayaked in the ocean, snorkeled We rented a car one day and in 4 hours toured the whole island including stopping for an excellent lunch on the beach at the Sunset Pizzeria, climbing Belvedere mountain (by car!) to the top to check out the views of the 2 bays and a few other stops for checking out beaches and picking up some water snack foods and fishing lures (LOL) at the islands big grocery store. We walked into the village close to the resort which we did at least once a day either for a little shop or a meal. We swam off our own private deck over the water, we saw dolphins (an kayaked out to meet a pod of 20 or so in the bay). Ian caught a couple of fishes of the deck, including a needle fish – all catch and release of course. Basically we were very lazy, enjoying the sun and swimming in the ocean (we managed to go the entire holiday without once touching a swimming pool and are very proud of that!). Ian celebrated his 40th bday on our second to last day and we went for lunch at the Moorea Beach Club which was our best meal the entire trip.

All in all the transfers we seamless, the Manava Moorea let us stay in the room at no extra cost until 3:30 pm on Saturday (big bonus), we say all the sea life we wanted to, the rooms were all we could have wanted and expected, the views and scenery was exceptional and we had a very relaxing and wonderful time. The thing we noticed most is that everyone we met or crossed paths with was so very friendly and polite - there was not one person we walked by in Moorea who did not greet us and say hello and this was not just at the resort. Ian and I took time to walk through the streets off the main road, so we came across many people in many places.

Thank you Laurel for helping us to put together a most fabulous vacation that was so stress free!

Mauru’ uru,

Cyndy & Ian
Kemptville, Ontario

Hi Laurel!

I just wanted to write you this note to say a huge thank-you for organizing my three week adventure in French Polynesia. I've been back for a few days, and I miss it terribly. I had an amazing time. Your bookings and organization were virtually flawless...the only complaint I could really make was the weather, which of course was completely in Mother Nature's hands!

The Four Seasons Bora Bora was absolutely the most amazing resort I have ever been to. The food and service were both utterly spectacular, and I desperately wish I could live permanently in one of those amazing bungalows! Ninamu on Tikehau was unexpected and fabulous as well! It was the complete opposite of the Four Seasons, but really fun! The food there was good, and Chris the owner made sure there was an activity happening every day.

Overall, it really was a trip of a lifetime. It gave me exactly the right blend of personal quiet time and active social time.

Thank-You for your wonderful organization!

Vancouver, BC

Laurel – I can’t begin to express my gratitude and appreciation for all you did to help me plan my fairy tale wedding and honeymoon. You were so responsive, offered great recommendations, and always made me feel like I was the only client you were working with. I tell everyone I’m one lucky girl to have found a travel agent so amazing to work with. They also know you are a ROCKSTAR because you always answered my questions no matter if I had 2 or 20 and we both know I had tons!! The islands you recommended and resorts you booked for us were perfect - I would not have changed anything. Moorea, Huahine and Bora Bora were amazing in their own way, and I was so excited you were able to secure the overwater bungalows I wanted at each resort!! I’ve already passed your information along to friends and co-workers who dream of visiting your beautiful island one day, and look forward to working with you to plan our 5 year anniversary trip!!

Allison & John
Charlotte, NC

Dear Laurel,

We wanted to thank you for arranging an amazing anniversary return trip to Tahiti. You did a fantastic job with our honeymoon to Moorea and Bora Bora six years ago and we were initially concerned that a return trip would not live up to our honeymoon. We were wrong! You setup the best vacation we have had yet! We appreciate the ease of communication and that you would respond within a few hours by phone and seemingly at all hours of the day and night by email. The highlight of our trip was the full day excursion that you suggested with Tanoa. It was a bit pricy but we would do it again in a heart beat. He took us on four snorkel stops where we swam with Lemon sharks, reef sharks, manta rays, sting rays and a school of about 20 spotted eagle rays. He then took us to his private family island and prepared an amazing lunch of lobster, lamb, chicken, fruits, and other local dishes. The table in the water, champagne, and a view of the island was spectacular. Thank you for putting together another amazing trip, this one was even better than your last. You made the long travel stress free and hopefully, we will be able to book a third trip with you in the future.


Aaron & Crystal


Melissa and I wanted to send a personal note of thanks for the absolute perfect honeymoon that you set us up with. As an executive I have very little time to waste and depend on rock solid individuals to do what they say they will do. You not only did what you said, but you far exceeded every expectation we could have had. All the way from hand picking our rooms to the special table arrangements you had for us at La Villa Mahana, which by the way is hands down the best restaurant we have ever been to and believe me we have been to many, every aspect of our trip was dead perfect and seamless. Melissa and I are already planning a come back tour for our five year anniversary and there is no doubt we will be looking to you again to help plan it out for us.

Warm regards,
Michael & Melissa
Portland, OR


Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had at the Bora Bora Nui. We were given overwater bungalow #334 which had the perfect view of the sunset and nice snorkeling right off our deck. The staff recognized me (??) and went out of their way in the restaurants, especially the Temure Grill to bring me gluten-free rolls and a specially made cake at breakfast.

This was a perfect way to end our vacation after our cruise. We did two excursions through the hotel and both were very good. After seeing the location of the other resorts, we feel we made the right choice. A highlight for my husband was seeing the WWII cannons as he is a big WWII history buff.
The only lunch away from the hotel was at Bloody Mary's after a jeep safari which was very enjoyable and highly recommended.

Also, the transfers and document handover were so smooth and very welcome as we were somewhat impaired after the long flight from Denver and then Los Angeles on that first day. If we ever have the opportunity to go to French Polynesia again, we would definitely use True Tahiti.

Thanks so much!

Littleton, Colorado

Laurel, thank you again for arranging our second amazing trip to French Polynesia. We appreciate so much all of the details with transportation and transfers this really did help with getting to where we were to go. All of the excursions you suggested for us were amazing and enjoyable. We especially enjoyed the Shark/Sting Rays with Moorea Adventure and also the ATV tour. We found that we love Moorea even more than Bora Bora. Our trip was exactly as we expected if not more. We are even wishing for a third trip in the future. Getting to visit French Polynesia twice was an amazing opportunity, and we owe you such a big thanks.

James & Josie
Clovis, New Mexico

Hi Laurel,

Thanks so much for everything. The trip was absolutely wonderful. The dinner at La Villa Mahana was extremely good, and we enjoyed all the excursions. I have to say, we did a snorkeling/stingray excursion in Bora Bora as well, and the service was so much better with Moorea Adventures. My husband and I are both snorkeling novices, and James put us at ease 🙂I'll write a tripadvisor review in the next few days. I really appreciate your help with everything, and I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know who is thinking of traveling to French Polynesia. Thank you again!


Hi Laurel,

This is a long overdue thank you. We can't believe that it's coming up on a year now since our wonderful Tahiti vacation. Thanks to your help, we have so many wonderful memories. We reminisce often about the good times we shared, and certainly hope to go back and explore more of French Polynesia at some point. We will definitely keep in touch and reach out to you for future travel plans. Thank you again for helping us plan and make sure our trip went well. We took a lot of great pictures, but thought this was pretty good of us enjoying Moorea. This summer we are traveling to Hawaii, but will still have the memories of Tahiti fresh in our minds. We hope all is going well with you and your family.

Aileen & Ben

Hello Laurel:

Back from our trip. We had an absolutely wonderful time! I want to personally thank you for all of your help. Our Stays at Kia Ora-Rangiroa and Raimiti-Fakaravawere perfect. You took my thoughts and vision and hit the nail on the head with each one. A luxury unit off the beaten track for our anniversary and a remote, almost self sustaining eco-lodge concept for Fakarava. Simply spot on!

We'll do it again someday and through meeting other folks, we see that both Maupiti and perhaps the Marquesa's could be up our alley. If you ever need a referral, please don't hesitate to give my "E" out to a potential client. Thank you again for a wonderful, well thought out vacation.

Brad & Carol

Hi Laurel, just want to thank you for organizing our family vacation. We absolutely loved our stay!:)  We feel that nothing can come close to our experience there at French Polynesia compared to all the other places we visited. It was really really awesome! Celebrating our 10th year anniversary there was the best decision we have ever made as well as choosing you to be our travel agent. We also would like to extend our gratitude to James and collegues for the Moorea Adventure Tour which was our most favorite tour of all and of course the best souvenir we got was our free-hand tattoos.

Thank you very much.

Carla, Victor, Victor and Carlo
Brandon, Florida

Dear Laurel,
You must tell me how the Tahitian language would convey a feeling of gratitude beyond words. Yvette and I will never be able to thank you enough for all you have done for us. You truly made our dreams come true. In the whirlwind of planning our perfect wedding, we left our once in a lifetime honeymoon in the hands of a complete stranger. We cannot believe how you exceeded our expectations! From the first time we reached out, you provided quick and efficient responses and immediately gained our trust and confidence with your patience and personalized guidance. Our trust and confidence continued to grow over about a year of planning during THE most hectic time I’ve ever experienced. I can’t explain to you what a relief it was to feel assured that our honeymoon was in good hands as we faced life or death decisions about our wedding.

Upon arriving in Tahiti we were greeted with all the vouchers we would need for our trip to Hilton, Moorea and St. Regis, Bora Bora. This included road transportation, inter-island flights, breakfasts for our entire stay, bottles of champagne, chef desserts, and flower turn down service to name a few. We continued on to our Garden Bungalow at the Hilton Moorea where we enjoyed our private deck along with its own dunking pool. Our favorite day in Moorea, of course, was our day with you and James aboard the Moorea Adventure glass bottom boat. Just when I thought you couldn’t get any better, we got to spend a day with you guys! We enjoyed snorkeling drifts, swimming with rays and sharks, and learning some of Moorea’s history. Our only regret is that we didn’t have the time to stop for a Tahitian Tattoo from James.

From Moorea we flew over to St. Regis, Bora Bora where we enjoyed our Deluxe Overwater Bungalow. With our breakfasts included we skipped lunch and enjoyed each of their restaurants for dinner. You were right about Sushi Take! Our dinner at La Villa Mahana was the best dinner we ever have, and ever will experience. What an experience it was. When you assured us we’d have the best seat in the house, you were not kidding-the view was amazing! We paired both menus as you suggested and haven’t stopped talking about it since. Riding our bikes to snorkel in the active lagoon at St. Regis was amazing, but nothing will ever beat walking a few feet from bed to jump into the lagoon right off our private deck. I’m sure everyone expects Tahiti to be unbelievable, but you proved that to be quite an understatement. We truly don’t have the words to thank you enough. While our honeymoon is a once in a lifetime experience, visiting Tahiti certainly should not be.

Your biggest fans,
Liz & Yvette
Long Island, NY

Hi Laurel,

We wanted to thank you for helping us plan the most unforgettable honeymoon. Your attention to detail and suggestions truly made this the most amazing and flawless trip either of us have ever taken. We loved the St.Regis and everything about Bora Bora. Your suggestion of Villa Manhana was perfect and we wished we could have eaten there every night. We have spoken your praise to friends about our trip. We plan on returning in the future and without a doubt will contact you again.


Abby and Alex
St. Paul, Minnesota

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