Maupiti, The Untouched Island

(Society Islands)


Introduction to Maupiti

Maupiti will immediately seduce you with her splendor and quiet pace of life. Here you'll find magnificent vistas, endless white sandy beaches, rocky peaks and ancient marae. On Maupiti most people travel by bicycle or canoe, which are marvelous ways to take your time and explore the beauties of the island. Stroll along the little road circling Maupiti or in the heart of the lagoon and enjoy every single moment of your time in The Islands of Tahiti.

Where is Maupiti?

Maupiti is a 50-minute flight from Tahiti. It's located 195 miles northeast of Tahiti and 25 miles west of Bora Bora. It's a tiny island; just 7 square miles.

Map of Maupiti

Hotels in Maupiti

There are no big name resorts; only a handful of small family run guest houses that will introduce you to a friendly slower pace of life.


Fare Pae'ao


Pension Papahani

Things to do in Maupiti

In addition to the gorgeous beaches & pristine lagoon, you'll find some important marae on Maupiti. Maraes Vaiahu and Ofera are pre-European sites loaded with history. You'll find petroglyphs carved on huge rocks in the Haranae Valley And in the Vaitia Valley, you'll find the legendary outrigger canoe of the demigod Hiro. If you're feeling adventurous, we highly recommend a climb up Mount Teurafaatiu (elevation 1,250 ft.) where you'll enjoy amazing panoramic views of the lagoon and motus with Bora Bora in the distance. Another great walk is from the beautiful Tereia beach, across the lagoon, to Motu Auira. This is a wonderful way, to discover stingrays, cliffs & caves.