(Tuamotu Islands)


Introduction to Ahe

Located between Rangiroa and Manihi in the Tuamotu group of islands, Ahe is a 70 minute flight from Tahiti. Here you'll find pristine beaches, and a vibrant lagoon. Made famous in the 1970's by French Navigator  Bernard Moitessier, Ahe has become a mythical stop for sailboats arriving from the Marquesas.

Where is Ahe?

Ahe is located in the Tuamotu group of islands, and a 70-minute flight from Tahiti.

Map of Ahe

Hotels in Ahe

There are a total of 2 guest houses on Ahe and at both you'll experience the warmth and hospitality of the locals.


Cocoperle Lodge


Pension Raita

What to do in Ahe

Ahe is a destination for travelers looking to get off the beaten path and experience an authentic Pauamotu way of life. On Ahe, your life will revolve around the lagoon. You'll swim, snorkel, kayak, and fish. But please, be sure to take time to visit Motu Manu (bird island). This is a wonderful spot to observe the multitude of marine birds who call this home. The only "industry" in Ahe is pearl farming and certainly our hosts will be happy to show you first hand where these Tahitian gems are born.